Our International Licenses for 2021

The International SIA License is recognized in more than 70 countries.  As more and more companies become multi-national and spread their activity across the world, their security professionals have to bring their technics and accreditations to the new level of requirements. SIA Officer Qualification is an absolute legal requirement to perform security services in Europe and in many other countries. SIA CPO License speaks by itself for your level of expertise, it is a qualification that will set you apart from the crowd.

New HECPO qualification for our 28 training course : The upsurge of terrorism, violent extremism and organized crimes have produced an increased need for highly skilled private security contractors worldwide. Operating in high threat, conflict-affected, austere, and limited-infrastructure environments requires a specialist skillset and use of special operational procedures. Your assignment starts as soon as you put your feet on the ground and cross a border, leaving you with no time to train with foreign weapon systems or to practice tactics with your team in the country or to adapt to a new environment. Therefore, it's paramount to pull yourself together as soon as possible and hit the ground running since day one. In this regard, PRAETORIAN BODYGUARD USA completely understands these operational shortcomings, and we have created the Hostile Environment Close Protection Operators (HECPO) training course as a response. The course is designed for candidates who work or plan to work in high-risk terrain worldwide.


Training is delivered by extensively experienced instructors in real-world conditions, and they will ensure that all candidates are properly trained. Our company has adopted a training philosophy – train as you will operate – underpinning our training principles to provide the candidates with the realistic, intensive, and dynamic course. There are no all-day sitting in the classroom nor firing rounds into a static paper-target nor practicing outdated, never-tested techniques. You will be challenged, both physically and mentally, to step out of your comfort zone and develop a problem-solving mindset – improvise, adapt, and overcome. 

International SIA approved Bodyguard Course (14 days)

                Location : DUBAI (UAE) 

The outcome of this course will give all the tools to students willing to work as approved SIA License, this license is mandatory to work for a majority of UK based PMC companies.

This Licence to Practice qualification covers the knowledge and understanding required for a job as a Close Protection Officer. It includes three units, with a combination of online tests and practical assessments. 

The Level 3 qualifications are for anyone who already has some experience of the security industry or related professions such as law enforcement or military. You may already be working in the sector and wish to gain additional skills and knowledge or be looking to start a new career.


All candidates should be reasonably fit, computer literate and have a driving license to get the most out of the course.


Upon successful completion of the course each candidate will receive :

  • BODYGUARD Diploma allowing each candidate to apply for the SIA CPO License.


$ 3410 (we love our veteran $500 off) 

(lodging, meals, training equipment included)

SIA International License course :

  • 11/20 - 12/04/2020 (1 spot left)

  • 01/06 - 01/20/2021 (2 spots left)

  • 02/22 - 03/07/2021

Location :

  • Dubai UAE

(Course included in PSD Bodyguard 28 days)

Intensive 3 day firearms course combines the fundamentals of shooting, different firearms and mechanics, safety rules, tactical shooting principles, tactical reload, malfunctions, multiple targets, alternate shooting positions, shooting with use of cover, disassembly/assembly and cleaning. This course combines tactical drills, theory and practical assignments. This course will you beyond of being a static shooter.


This course is designed to develop skills for the student who wish to use pistol as a primary firearm in a tactical environment. You will practice skills that will reduce your reaction time, allow you to shoot faster with higher degree of accuracy, and increase your confidence with your handgun. This course is fast paced with 90% practical training time to prepare students to handle the most challenging tactical shooting situations.


All students will undergo practical exercise assessments using real-time scenarios with live principles, written assignments, the development of a comprehensive portfolio which makes up one half of the qualification.

  • WEAPONS : GLOCK 17, GLOCK 19, SIG SAUER P229, Beretta 92F,

  • AMMUNITION : +400 Bullets per person


  • METHODS : Classroom theory and extensive range time.

  • GEAR : Sturdy / Tactical Belt. Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions.

3 DAYS / +400 Bullets per person :

  • Safety

  • Characteristics of the pistol

  • Maintenance of the pistol

  • Gear placement

  • Fundamentals of shooting

  • Ready positions

  • Drawing from the holster

  • Reloads and malfunctions

  • Recoil management

  • Shooting positions

  • Multiple shots

  • Multiple targets

  • Tactical use of cover

  • Standing and walking turns

  • Shooting on the move

  • Strong hand only shooting

  • Support hand only shooting

  • Long range engagements

  • Low light and flashlight techniques


Diploma : Tactical Pistol Course

Course price : $ 800  (with Accommodation, Food, Materials, Airport transferts)

PSD/ Tactical Shooting Course : ​


  • 10/03 - 10/05/2020 (1 spot left)

  • 12/16 - 12/18/2020 (2 spots left)

International Bodyguard License :
SIA License / PSD Training Course (28 days)
Private Security Contractor (PMC)

 This is our main and the most popular Training Course !

(Private Security Contractor) 


This course is a 28 days (4 weeks) intensive training program designed to prepare military / law enforcement individuals and security personnel for protective operations in a hostile environment or high risk zones (Africa, Central/Southern America, Caucasus and Middle East). This training starts all the way from the very basics of Close Protection and ends up with a quasi  military training with maximum of realistic scenarios. This course will enable its participants to get familiar with different types of weapons or equipment indispensable in high risk countries. The course combines theoretical part and practical assignments. Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Recognized internationally as the security industry’s benchmark for training in Close Protection, the S.I.A. License is available candidates having successfully completed the training  and having passed  practical and theoretical testing. 


Close Protection / CQB / Tactical shooting / SIA License :

  • International SIA (140h)

  • Role and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative

  • Threats assessment and Risk Analysis

  • Surveillance Awareness

  • Operational Planning

  • Law and Legislation

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing

  • Conduct of Reconnaissance

  • Foot formations

  • Itinerary planning

  • Convoy procedures

  • Search Procedures

  • Incident Management

  • Venue Security

  • Communication and Conflict Management

  • Tactical shooting 

  • Security in high risk areas/high risk urban movement (SWAT Tactics)

  • Case studies

  • HECPO (Hostile Environment Close Protection Operators)


Tactical Medical Care MHRLT :

  • The pre-hospital environment

  • Patient assessment

  • Respiration and airway management

  • Basic life support

  • Circulation and shock

  • Medical related emergencies

  • Trauma related emergencies

  • Scene management

Diplomas :

  • International SIA CPO License

  • Counter-Terrorism HEAT


  • Tactical Shooting (FIREARMS)


  • MEDIC MHRLT Certificate

- Course price: $ 5140

- PSD without SIA: $ 2990

(lodging, meals, training equipment included)

HECPO / SIA International Bodyguard : ​


  • 01/06 - 02/02/2021 (3 spot left)

  • 02/22 - 03/19/2021

  • 04/01 - 04/28/2021

Location :

  • Woodville TEXAS

Ship Security Officer (7 days)

This Course is designed for individuals wishing to operate or currently operating as Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP). The Ship Security Operative (SSO) qualification is a qualification based directly on the new international standard for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs): ISO28007 [Guidelines for PMSCs providing privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships]. 

This qualification is based directly on the competencies in the ISO PAS 28007 and has also been mapped to the full training syllabus for ‘Personnel in Designated Security Duties’ (PDSD). The PDSD requirements, as laid down in the 2010 Manila amendments to STCW PDSD, represent approx.  25% of the total 8269 syllabus. 

The qualification is also suitable for those wishing to operate as an unarmed maritime security operative on board ships.

It is aimed at Ship Security Operatives (SSOs) wishing to operate or currently operating as Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP).

It is an accredited, nationally recognized Level 3 qualification, which allows military leavers access to CTP/ELCAS funds.

Diplomas :

  • Ship Security Officer (SSO)

  • Tactical Shooting certificate

  • International MEDIC MHRLT


Course price: $ 1590 (lodging, meals, training equipment included)

Price with de PSD course 28 days : $ 750

Ship Security Officer (Maritime) : ​


  • 03/20 - 03/27/2021 (3 spots left)

  • 07/01 - 07/07/2021

"RED CARPET" Bodyguard Training Course (28 days) :
Miami Florida - Miami Beach - Fort Lauderdale

This course is our new launch of a luxury VIP BODYGUARD course for those willing to work with stars, politicians, businessmen and other celebrities in a non-military environment. This course is designed for males and females with positive attitude, good manners and appropriate physical condition.


Candidates are undergoing permanent evaluation and will go through a final rigorous testing in order to select only the best candidates.


During the course candidates will go through the following :


  • International SIA License (140h)

  • Role and Responsibilities of the Bodyguard

  • Principles of close protection

  • Law and Legislation,

  • Relationships with local authorities

  • Threats assessment and Risk Analysis

  • Surveillance Awareness

  • Foot formations

  • Search Procedures

  • V.I.P. Arrivals / Departures

  • Low profile security and tactics

  • Elements of Close Protection Team

  • Advance work; surveys,

  • Preparation and planning – exercise

  • Team Leader ; roles & responsibilities

  • Dress code and etiquette

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing

  • Conduct of Reconnaissance

  • Itinerary planning

  • Convoy procedures

  • Incident Management

  • Venue Security

  • Communication and Conflict Management

  • Radio communications procedures

  • Case studies

  • Basic firearms


Final training exercise :


IN TOWN EXCERICSE – training in realistic every day situation in Miami Fl

Diplomas :

  • International SIA Btec License


  • Firearms training Certificate


Course price : $ 5140 

(lodging, training equipment included)

RED CARPET Bodyguard in 2021 : ​


  • 03/01 - 03/28/2021 

  • 07/01 - 07/28/2021

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