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  • Many home invasions will have multiple intruders.

  • 38% of all assaults occur during a home invasion.

  • 60% of all reported rapes occur during a home invasion.

  • 1 of every 5 homes will experience a home invasion. 

  • Victims are physically injured in 47% of all home invasions. 

  • 68% of all home invaders are strangers to their victims.

  • The most common home invasion entry point is the front door.

The primary intent behind most home invasions is robbery (i.e., home invasion robbery)

The most common weapons used in home invasions are knives and edged weapons. 

This course will teach you :

  • Precautionary measures necessary to reduce your risk of being confronted by a home invader.

  • Different types of home invasions

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Design a home protection plan

  • Different scenarios, practical assessments

  • Contemporary fighting arts

  • Safe room and its importance

  • Most common security systems

  • Cooperation with law enforcement authorities

  • Gun related law and regulations

  • Holding a criminal at gunpoint

  • Knives and other tools to be used for self-protection

  • Consequences of the home invasion

  • Criminal Awareness


Our Training facility combines martial arts space, shooting range, building structure for close combat battle trainings and so much more all in one place. Feel yourself like a security professional and get the knowledge that could possibly save life !

Duration of the course is 1 or 2 days with on site accommodation available and included in the course price & choose your date !

1 DAY : (Anti Home Invasion Course)

  • Individual $210 (with Food, Materials)

  • Family of 2-3 : $400 (with Food, Materials)

  • Family of 4-6 : $790 (with Food, Materials)

2 DAYS : (Anti Home Invasion Course + Anti Car Jacking Course)

  • Individual $380 (with Food, Materials)

  • Family of 2-3 : $750 (with Food, Materials)

  • Family of 4-6 : $1500 (with Food, Materials)

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